SAFE and the future of sustainable coffee
Juan Camilo
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SAFE and the future of sustainable coffee

It has been two and a half years now since the MIF first sat at the table with Starbucks, Keurig Green Mountain and Farmers Brothers to discuss the future of coffee in Latin America. Back in November of 2014, when the MIF convened a meeting with these key global players in the coffee industry, it wanted to get feedback and strategic advice on how to move forward with more critical programs that would support small coffee farmers and their cooperatives. The conversation ended up being a much more robust discussion on how to leverage each other’s strengths and resources to create a platform that would implement region wide coffee initiatives, to achieve high levels of scale and impact.

It seems the MIF acted at the right time, in the midst of global commitments by some of these companies and others, all looking for ways to make good on their promises of better and more sustainable coffee. Months later, other companies and organizations would join in, such as Solidaridad, ECOM, SCAN, COSA, and S&D, among others. Jointly under the leadership of the MIF, they formed SAFE, the Sustainable Agriculture, Food and the Environment Platform.

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