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COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco

Building resilience to climate change in Sertão

Blue Harvest Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador

The MIF will support sustainable “Blue Harvest” project for 3,500 small coffee producers in Central America’s Dry Corridor



Preparing Nicaraguan small producers of fine cocoa and honey to better address the impacts of climate change

Gran Chaco

Indigenous communities in the Gran Chaco adapt to climate change


MIF and MarViva will strengthen climate resilience of fishermen and microentrepreneurs in Panama’s Gulf of Montijo

FOMIN/BID y MarViva firman convenio de cooperación técnica


Supporting water adaptation in Jamaica’s housing sector


Farmers reduce climate risks in impoverished region of Brazil

Adapta Sertao: Adapting Small Farmers to Climate Change, Brazil

Adapta Sertão - A Social Enterprise to Adapt Small Farmers to Climate Change Impacts

Adapta Sertão

- The Challenge and the Opportunity of Private Sector Climate Resilience - Jul 21, 2016 by Steve Wilson

- UNEP's Adaptation Finance Gap Report from 10 May 2016: Failure to cut emissions will dramatically increase the annual costs of adaptation, which could be up to five times higher by 2050 than previously thought - May 10, 2016

- The market for climate resilience: Hidden in plain sight? - May 11, 2016 by Steve Wilson

- MIF Conference on Private Sector Climate Resilience and Adaptation. Coming in May 2016 - Feb 10, 2016 by Steven Wilson and Carlos Sanchez

- The energy, water, and climate ’win-win-win-win’ solution - Jan 20, 2015 by Filippo Berardi

- Clean energy investment and policies: 2014 Climatescope results - OCt 28, 2014 by Michael Hofmann

- Building climate resilience in Haiti, Jamaica and Saint Lucia - Dec 10, 2013 by Carlos Sanchez Román

- Engaging the Haitian private sector in climate change resilience: Why communication matters - Jul 19, 2013 by Jempsy Fils-Aimé

- Nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a la gestión ambiental: el proyecto fruTIC en Argentina - Jul 12, 2013 by Aminta Perez-Gold

- Servicios integrados: modelos innovadores para la financiación y mejora del acceso a servicios de agua, saneamiento y energía - Feb 11, 2013 by Carlos Sanchez

- Servicios básicos en ciudades: un estudio de caso de Argentina - Dec 19, 2012 by Carlos Sanchez

- Climate Resilience and Value Chains - Dec 7, 2012 by Steve Wilson

- Connecting the Dots: Climate Change, Extreme Weather and the Imperative for Climate Resilience - Sep 19, 2012 by Steve Wilson

- Lessons from Climate Change Adaptation Strategies - Aug 6, 2012 by Steve Wilson

- ¿Cómo adaptarse a la realidad del cambio climático? - Jul 26, 2012 by Steve Wilson

- Welcome to AdaptAmericas - Jun 21, 2012 by Steve Wilson


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PROADAPT Climate Finance Symposium

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NCF to launch new call for proposals

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Smart meters and water footprints: How to increase climate resilience in Mexico and Belize

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